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Note: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“I highly recommend John Cowan if you are in need of a business attorney. I hired John as my attorney to handle some business legal matters. He had integrity, honesty, professionalism, punctuality and above all reasonable fees. He laid out advantage and disadvantage of my case, gave me options and guidelines and followed up very closely. I appreciated all the assistance and professional services he provided.”

Tina C.

“My building was recently bought and I am a disabled elderly person in a rent-controlled situation. John Cowan has great bedside manner is extremely friendly and grasped my situation quickly without resorting costly litigation. Most surprising of all I have received legal advice over a four year period from John and he has only charged me a tiny amount of money. If there were more lawyers like John people would love lawyers rather than hating them.”

Tom K.

“I have been a client with Mr. Cowan for over two years. I cannot recommend him more highly to anyone other than to say he is simply a man of excellence. I had three other attorneys prior to Mr. Cowan who literally charged me for services they never provided to me. Mr. Cowan is honest and will not take my money just because he can, but rather “counsel” me as to the best and most productive approach to my legal concern. You are truly in professional hands with Mr. Cowan. He will be my lawyer for life.”

Jill A.

“John Cowan is a hardworking, intelligent, and diligent attorney who gives his all for his clients. His litigation work product is excellent and I’ve heard his clients give him high praise for his legal and problems solving skills. I have brought John in as a legal expert on certain cases where his depth of litigation skills and his substantial experience has greatly helped me. I would highly recommend him for legal matters.”

James D.

“Dealing with the legal system is exhausting both emotionally and financially, which is why I recommend John Cowan to help navigate the law. He has a heart of gold, so he doesn’t need to steal my gold. John has handled several issues for me over the past few years. He is different from other lawyers I worked with in that he only wants to solve my problems, efficiently and economically. Five stars!”

Suzanne A.

“The John E. Cowan whom I hired is a fantastic attorney. His legal guidance, knowledge and rapport enabled me to represent myself in small claims court and win my case. Mr. Cowan is a great listener and dedicated to serving the interests of his client. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or retain his services if I needed to return to court.”

Michael C.

“John is a great Lawyer with loads of integrity and great listening skills… I have worked with John on developing my business contracts and I plan to do more work with him. He came recommended to me and I would highly recommend him.”

Cynthia W.

“John is currently working on a eviction case for me which I won the judgment on several years ago but haven’t been able to collect. He is dedicated and committed to helping me find my x-tenant and I am impressed with his tenacity. John is a great listener and pays attention to detail. Furthermore, he has generously provided his services to me on a contingency. I will be more than happy to give John his percentage of what we eventually collect. He deserves it for all his hard work and perseverance. I recommend John Cowan to those of you that want a fair, hardworking attorney who treats you more like a friend than a client.”

Nina P.

“I recently hired John to represent me in a nasty little traffic court situation. I was beyond impressed with John’s commitment and dedication to helping me. While already extremely knowledgeable in the area of traffic law, he went out of his way to do research on various topics and to contact colleagues regarding my particular matter. He created a strong case for me and represented me at a DMV hearing, making me feel confident and secure. John is reliable, returns your calls immediately, knowledgeable, and above all else, a caring human being who genuinely has your back.”

Camilla B.

“Mr. Cowan shows integrity, availability, and expertise. He is a skilled listener, empathetic and attentive. He is timely to get back to you regarding your questions and respond to both the legal perspective and personal concerns. He is able to sort through the complexity of a story and define a structure to support his client’s best interests within the learning curve of the court system.”

Marina L.

“I have utilized John on a few occasions for specific advice that pertained to our daughter. He gave us some interesting perspectives and referred us to a lawyer who specialized in that area of the law for the state of Hawaii. Overall, I would rate the advice as fair, detailed and considerate.”

Kenneth B.

“Working with John regarding a recent real estate transaction was like turning to a friend for help. John’s advice and legal expertise was spot on and his overriding concern was a positive outcome for me.”

Sid P.

“Our attorney was exceptionally helpful in defending us when our tenants broke their one year lease. His professional advice was invaluable and his well-informed response was clearly and promptly executed in the letter he composed on our behalf. I would highly recommend John Cowan, attorney at law, to anyone looking for an astute and well-prepared lawyer.”

Cynthia V.

“John advised me on a domestic agreement. His advice represented my interests very strongly and I felt like he was truly on my side. His fee and he was clear about the costs and the retainer. There were unused funds in the retainer and he returned them to me promptly. I would refer to John to my friends.”

Jim F.

“John E. Cowan represented me divorce case. He was, without doubt, the finest attorney I’ve ever encountered: helpful, courteous, fair and efficient. I strongly recommend Mr. Cowan for any legal matters that you need to deal with. He gets the job done and he’s a good person to boot!”

Alan K.

“When it comes to legal matters, John is my go to guy. His cordial and friendly manner helps to make the often scary legal world far less daunting. He’s always patient while answering questions, breaks things down to understandable chunks, and can also get as in-depth as you care to go. When you ask him to handle a case which is outside his area of expertise, he won’t hesitate to refer you to another attorney. If you ever need a lawyer, this is the guy to talk to.”

Steve C.

“John Cowan was instrumental in helping to resolve an employee dispute regarding a contract with the federal government. He is very knowledgable, prompt, and a keen to details (very important qualities to have in a lawyer). Additionally, I found him to be honest, trustworthy, and a good listener. John’s legal counsel was solid and his advise gave me the confidence to persist with my legal matter until resolution. I highly recommend John Cowan and would seek his services again if I ever needed them.”

Sherrie L.

“John Cowan is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to law and what it takes to win a case. A friend recommended him and he has helped me navigate legalities related to owning property in SF and dealing with converting from a TIC to a condo. I immediately felt I could trust him and appreciated his counsel, which included being accessible and returning phone calls within the same day. He’s a real pro.”Lori S.

“John Cowan, is a wonderful Attorney who cares and is passionate about doing the best he can to get you the most positive outcome. We hired John to draft a complicated legal document and our business results were so much better as a result of his work! He came through on time and under budget!”Kimberly M.

“John is a great lawyer. He’s focused and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re not taken advantage of!”Jeremiah F.

“I have worked with John for a little over a year in a startup environment. Not only do I respect and admire his expertise, but I am drawn to his professionalism and ability to successfully deal with difficult personalities and situations.”Eric

“I’ve known John on a personal level for years and have always thought of him as a kind, generous, man with great moral integrity. I recently asked him to help me with a legal situation, he was very thorough, did plenty of investigative work, explaining to me what my options were along the way. I would seek out John’s services again without hesitation, highly recommend him.”Meg T.

“John was referred to me by another attorney who was unable to represent me due to a conflict of interest. I approached John to help me with a case that was connected to a restaurant bar that I had owned years previously. John offered advice that was accurate and thoughtful. He was able to navigate the very difficult and complex case with grace. He provided me consultation and answers that I wasn’t able to get elsewhere. He was patient with the process while always providing me a level of comfort with his detailed and thorough explanation and answers. I would absolutely recommend John to others looking for help during difficult and complex legal matters.”Christopher S.

“I worked with John for legal advice pertaining to an employment situation. As mentioned in other reviews, John is an exemplary listener, and oriented toward a compassionate understanding of the legal need, has strong knowledge of the legal process, and operates with integrity, which is an enormous comfort when dealing with the stress of legal matters.

He was also very responsive. He called me back quickly & when he said he would and he offered a referral for more specialized information when needed. Helpful! Professional! Empathy & trustworthiness are truly wonderful qualities to find in an attorney! Thank you, John!”Jennifer P.

“John has a lot of integrity and is very responsive and knowledgeable. He worked on some business contracts for me and I’m looking forward to working with him again in the near future. I highly recommend John.”Cynthia

“I won the judgment in an eviction case over 6 years ago in So. Cal. The tenant was long gone and I felt defeated and unable to collect on the judgment. After speaking to John regarding my case, he made the daunting task of finding my former tenant seems like a possibility. John took my case on a contingency, very generous of him since he has worked on my case for over 6 months now and has not been paid. During this time he has kept me informed of the status on a regular basis and has patiently explained the legal steps to me. I know he will be successful in helping me collect the monies I am lawfully owed by my former tenant. I am fortunate to have found John, a professional, effective attorney that is also a great listener, which makes me feel like I’m in good hands!”Nina

“I have know John for over 10 years and he helped me with a divorce, a partnership agreement and dealing with a fellow contractor in a dispute with a client. John was professional, intuitive and very responsive.”Gene

“I was surprised at how little money John charged me over the four years where he gave me professional and heartfelt legal advice. I have been facing an evection and I am an elderly disabled tenant, although John helped me with the real estate problem I would recommend him for any situation where you needed a lawyer who was compassionate, honest, and insightful.”Thomas K.

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