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If you’ve been injured in an accident and are facing a personal injury trial, The Law Offices of John E. Cowan can help!

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip-and-fall incident, dog bite incident, or any other type of event, you may be legally entitled to seek monetary compensation for your damages. Many times, insurance companies will not offer you a fair settlement, but that doesn’t mean you have no recourse. If you feel you are owed compensation for injuries sustained in San Francisco and the insurance company has offered you what seems like an unfair settlement, you have the legal option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person, people, or business you believe caused your injuries. Working with a California litigation law lawyer who is experienced in the courtroom will give you the best possible chance of winning at trial and recovering a significant amount.

The Many Ways a Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

Case Assessment / Investigation

A skilled litigation law attorney in San Francisco, CA can help you assess your case and its probability for success. Your attorney can conduct an investigation into all the aspects of your case to decide if there is enough supporting evidence to bring a lawsuit. This process may entail tracking down witnesses; obtaining important documents; interviews; and investigating accounts, facts, and more. Additionally, your litigation attorney might be able to secure a pre-litigation settlement and avoid a lawsuit altogether, which could save you time and get you back to your regular life sooner.

Drafting Pleading Agreements

The litigation process can involve numerous pleadings and motions, filings required by the court in order to move forward. Plaintiff attorneys may draft and subsequently file a summons and complaint to begin a lawsuit, while defense attorneys usually draft answers and/or counterclaims that serve as a response to an initial complaint. In addition, there are many types of pretrial motions (motion to strike, dismiss, change venue, etc.) that may be needed and your litigation law attorney will handle these motions for you.


During the discovery process your litigation law attorney in San Francisco, CA will exchange important, relevant information with other involved parties as required by law. As discussed briefly above, this process may entail written requests/questions for the other party to respond to, document requests, and much more. Litigation attorneys will examine evidence, collect information, and consult with experts who may be later called to appear in the trial. Additionally, motions that pertain to evidence, an unresponsive other party, and more, may be filed during this discovery period.

Pre-Trial and Trial

Many weeks preceding a trial, a litigation law attorney will begin wrapping up their discovery period and preparing for court. During this crucial time, they will be talking to their clients, lining up the expert witnesses, attending important conferences pertaining to the case, and extensively preparing their strategy for court so it is rock solid.

When your trial day comes in San Francisco, CA or surrounding area, from that point and forward to the trial’s end, whenever that may be, a litigation law attorney will be meeting with the expert witnesses to fine tune the trial theme, identifying any potential weak spots in the case to eliminate them, and crafting the final arguments. Essentially, this is the time that a litigation law attorney will be working day and night to secure victory.

An experienced litigation attorney can explain the legal definition of negligence in a way that you and a jury of your peers can understand. A skilled San Francisco litigation law attorney can also help you prove to a judge or a jury that the person who caused your injuries did so negligently. California uses comparative negligence in personal injury cases. It is very important to have a litigation law attorney on your side to explain your case and to fight to reduce the percentage of fault you are assigned by a jury.

If you have been injured in an accident in San Francisco, CA and do not feel that you are entirely at fault, invest in a well-respected litigation law lawyer. Every state allows a certain amount of time in which you must file a lawsuit for negligence. This is known as the statute of limitations and allows very, very few exceptions. Some types of negligence claims, particularly those filed against government entities, have even shorter times allowances. These cases require the assistance of a San Francisco litigation law attorney.

The worst case scenario in a personal injury situation is wrongful death. Wrongful death is the legal term for when a person is injured severely enough to die in a negligence-related accident. All across the nation, certain relatives of a family member who has lost their life to a negligent act can legally ask a court for the opportunity to recover damages for their loss.

Damages in a wrongful death lawsuit could include the loss of the financial support the deceased family member would have been able to contribute to his or her family throughout their lifetime. These family members can also recover for the emotional support and moral guidance they can no longer receive from that individual. The statute of limitations in a wrongful death case is two years in California. This is a very complicated and very emotional area of personal injury law, which absolutely requires an experienced California litigation law attorney to successfully maneuver.

The Law Offices of John E. Cowan: Ready to Serve You in Your Time of Need

In San Francisco, CA, the Law Offices of John E. Cowan is regarded as one of the finest litigation law attorney firms in the city, and our reputation for success is unparalleled. We will work tirelessly for you through the entire process, from initial meeting, through trial, and even through appeals if necessary. We will work to build an irrefutable case and will never stop working until you are satisfied.

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