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You can pursue compensation with the help of The Law Offices of John E. Cowan

An unexpected injury can have a truly devastating effect on both you and your loved ones. The Law Office of John E. Cowan represents those who have been hurt by the negligence or intentional wrongdoing of individuals or businesses. The dedicated San Francisco personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of John E. Cowan offer personalized service to California residents who were injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, a dog bite, a slip and fall, or any other accident caused by negligence.

California law permits victims of negligent accidents to seek compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial harm they have suffered. An injured party seeking compensation in San Francisco, California may file a negligence claim with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Legally, negligence is a failure to use the same level of care that a reasonable person would use in a similar situation. In order to recover in a personal injury lawsuit, the injured person must prove that the defendant owed them a certain duty of care, they breached that duty of care, that this breach of care resulted in an injury which would be foreseeable to a reasonable person, and that damages resulted.

Recognize When You Absolutely Must Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney can literally make the difference between no compensation for your injuries and maximum compensation for your injuries. There is never a good reason to avoid bringing a personal injury attorney on board immediately following any type of accident in San Francisco, CA, because personal injury attorneys usually work on contingency, and if they choose to take your case you will not be burdened with any fees whatsoever unless the attorney recovers financial damages from the negligent party. Therefore, why go it alone? Get a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, CA and protect your rights, your finances, and your future.

Permanently Disabling, Long-Term, or Severe Injuries

If you have suffered a permanently disabling or severe injury, such as a serious back injury, loss of a limb, paralysis, etc., you absolutely need a personal injury attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you with determining the financial damages, the impact to your earning capacity over time, and to pursue all possible compensation, government assistance, and more. Whether your accident was in San Francisco, CA, or another area in our great state, the Law Offices of John E. Cowan can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Insurance Company Refusal to Pay

If your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance company refuses to compensate you for your injuries in San Francisco, CA, then obviously you must utilize the services of a personal injury attorney to sue for your compensation. The Law Offices of John E. Cowan has handled many cases in which insurance companies have refused to pay, have been reluctant to pay, or have been engaged in bad faith insurance tactics. We will take them on and fight to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries, and additional damages for the emotional suffering they have caused in their refusal to honor their responsibility to you.

When the Liability is Unclear or Multiple Parties Are Involved

If the liability is unclear in any way, or if multiple parties are involved, you could be in a dangerous financial situation and you will need a personal injury attorney to help you get what’s fair. Insurance companies may have a tough time coming to a conclusion on financial damages in cases where the liability is not obvious, or if multiple parties and multiple insurers are involved, and as such you will need a personal injury attorney to fight for you, to ensure you get the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries. In San Francisco, CA, we have helped many clients navigate the complexities of unclear liability / multiple party accident scenarios.

The wisest move the victim of a negligent accident can make is to enlist a personal injury attorney in California to pursue compensation for his or her damages including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and any other type of loss that has resulted. Each state allows a certain time frame in which to file a negligence lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations. If the injured party does not file a claim before this statute of limitations runs out, they are barred from recovering any damages for that injury. Certain types of negligence claims may have shorter time limits in San Francisco, which requires the expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

California uses a comparative fault rule when assessing damages in personal injury cases. Even if you were partially at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, you are still entitled to recover compensation for those injuries. A judge or jury will assign a certain percentage of fault to each party and then the victim’s damages will be reduced accordingly. An experienced personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, CA can fight to limit or eliminate the amount of responsibility that you are assigned.

Whether you have been personally injured or have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one due to negligence, you must act immediately. The attorneys at The Law Offices of John E. Cowan are skilled, experienced personal injury lawyers who are on your side. If you’ve been hurt by the negligence of another person, a corporation, or a professional, you deserve to be compensated for your damages. There is only a limited amount of time for you to file a lawsuit against the negligent party, so don’t delay. Call the San Francisco personal injury attorneys who care at The Law Offices of John E. Cowan.

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